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Candy Crush Tips: Some Points That You Can Use to Improve Your Gameplay


Candy Crush tips include letting the game help you or not. Being idle in Candy Crush for a few seconds would lead the game to give you a hint on one of the patterns that you can use. However, be careful in taking this hint. It can either make you win or lose the level.


The second point in the list of Candy Crush tips is that you should try your best not to lose all of your lives. Otherwise, you would have to get them with the use of your own money, Facebook friends or simply wait for them to be regenerated on your screen again.


Candy Crush cheats also provide you with ways on how you can use candies to get rid of jellies. Keep in mind that you can never remove the jellies on your screen if you don’t form a cascade with your candies first.



Moreover, focus on the hard to get candies first. Corner candies are the most common reason why a lot of players are not able to move on to the next level. Thus, don’t be one of these people and eliminate your strongest enemy ahead of time. Learn to maximize all of your turns as much as possible and once you already have enough money, then you would have the freedom to buy temporary boosters or permanent charms that can help improve your game play.


On the other hand, pay attention to the number of turns that you have left. Candy Crush became a worldwide sensation because of its limited lives and turns. Thus, do your best in finishing each level with a remaining number of turns for additional perks as well.


Settle for a combination of 4 candies. If you want to achieve more points and finish a certain level earlier, then Candy Crush tips suggest that you form patterns having a minimum number of 4 candies. Aside from an increased score, these combos can also provide you with a special candy that can remove a whole row of candies just as long as you combine it with 2 pieces which have similar color.